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3 Ways Vacation Opens Up New Spiritual Growth… Every Day

3 Ways Vacation Opens Up New Spiritual Growth… Every Day

Last week I was on vacation in Montréal, one of my favorite cities, where I walked a lot, slept a lot, and generally rested up. But what I really appreciated were my visits to Montréal’s many churches, and just staying as long as I wanted to in their silence and stillness. Maybe you’ve been on vacation this summer as well. As we all come back to regular life, here are three ways I thought about while I was away to discover everyday grace refreshing our lives in a new way.

  • A deeper appreciation of the Mass. On vacation we leave our busyness behind. At Mass you can also leave your busyness at the door and come to Mass with joy and openness.
  • A relaxed way of being with God all day. We depend on the sacraments, but they shouldn’t be the only time we pray! Talk to God causally throughout the day, every day!
  • Stop to smell the flowers, notice the people around you, and enjoy their company. Look for ways to serve your community, especially tasks that promise no reward, like picking up litter on the streets. 

by Jeannette de Beauvoir