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Birthday of Mary

Birthday of Mary

When we celebrate the feast days of the saints, we usually celebrate the date on which they died because that is the day they were born into the joys of heaven.

But the birthday of Mary, our Blessed Mother, is an exception. We celebrate her birthday because she came into this world full of grace and because she was to be the Mother of Jesus.

The birth of Our Lady was like a dawn. When the sky starts to turn a rosy pink early in the morning, we know the sun will soon come up. In the same way, when Mary was born, she brought great happiness to the world. Her birth meant that soon Jesus, the Sun of justice, would be coming into this world. Mary was the holy person whose privilege it was to be his mother. 

We also call Mary by the title, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is known by many titles. She is also known by the title, Mary, the Mother of God, because Jesus is her Son but he is also God. 

Even today, if we have Mary, we have Jesus. Whoever is very devoted to her is very close to the heart of Jesus.

We can make Mary's birthday special by whispering a Hail Mary often throughout the day and asking her to keep us close to the heart of her Son, Jesus.





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