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Everyday Grace: Midsummer—and Midlife

Everyday Grace: Midsummer—and Midlife

Midsummer is officially in June, at the summer solstice, though that is actually the start of summer. Real midsummer is now, as we’re about halfway through the season. Another month before we’re doing the back-to-school thing, still time to reflect. Midlife is a similar time of reflection, halfway through a standard allotment of years on earth. It’s appropriate to think of both summer and life in terms of seasons, and here are a few tips to help:

  • Do it now. If there’s something that you meant to do this summer, or in this lifetime, don’t postpone it. Whether it’s a visit to a water park or a broken friendship you want to heal, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.
  • Slow down. You’re still rushing… through the summer, through life. Too many appointments, too much work, too many distractions. Take time to savor what you have today.
  • Read. Kathryn James Hermes FSP’s new book, Reclaim Regret, is available for pre-order; read how God sees your future even when all you see is failure. It’s primarily about midlife, but can be applied to any season as well.

As we move through life’s seasons, let’s be constantly aware that no matter what the summer, or lifetime, might bring, we’re not alone. God is with us, his hand extended, offering a spiritual friendship that’s more nourishing than any of our doubts or disappointments. Being in the middle is actually a very good place to be!