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3 Ways to Keep God in Your Back-to-School Activities… Every Day

3 Ways to Keep God in Your Back-to-School Activities… Every Day

September came around quickly this year, didn’t it? It feels like the summer was stretching out in front of us, long and lazy and beautiful and then—we’re already buying lunch boxes and notebooks and squeezing in that last run to the pool. And somehow it’s really easy to lose our connection to God when we are, like Martha, busy with so many things. How about finding some ways to keep that connection alive?

  • Start your day right. However, you start your day influences how you’ll feel for the rest of it. Start it with prayer—and include praying with your child!
  • Keep God in your budget. Even if it’s just setting aside a couple of dollars with your child to light a candle of thanks on the Sunday after classes start, make sure that you spend some back-to-school money where it counts. 
  • Name 5 things you’re grateful for this year. Remembering to say thank-you is important in all families—our own, and God’s.







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