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All Saints Day

All Saints Day

This feast day grew out of the love and devotion of God's people. It is so much a part of ourselves to feel gratitude for these saints and to honor them. Yes, all of the women, men and children who have died loving God very much and are now in heaven.

Some passed through purgatory to be purified for the Lord's presence. They stayed there until the moment when they were ready to see God. They are with him now forever. Some saints have been singled out for their own feast day. The Church offers their witness of heroic, joyful lives for Jesus. Almost every day we honor a saint who is in heaven, but there aren't enough days of the year to fit all the countless saints who walked through this life witnessing to Jesus.

Some of the saints kept close to the Lord all their lives. Others grew in their love of God along the way. Some led good lives without major difficulties. Others made big mistakes, but found the Lord on the road of repentance and genuine sorrow.

They made it! We celebrate their journey that led to eternal happiness with God. We celebrate our own family members, relatives, neighbors and friends whom we believe to be in heaven.

Today we can rejoice in our hearts with all the saints in heaven. We can make up our own prayer to them, thanking them for the holy lives that they lived. We can thank them, too, for helping us overcome our difficulties and temptations. We ask them to help us on our own journey through life.




Mary and the Saints