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Easter Egg Centerpiece

Easter Egg Centerpiece

Why do we see eggs in so many Easter decorations? It’s because eggs are a symbol of new life. From a hard, dead-looking egg comes a new baby chick! This reminds us of Jesus’ resurrection from death to new life. You can make this craft to decorate your family’s table or to put somewhere else in your home. 

Here’s what you need: 

  • • 2 or 3 toilet paper rolls
  • • poster paint (or colored paper and glue or tape) 
  • • scissors 
  • • an Easter candle or a large plain white candle 
  • • colored Easter eggs (real or plastic) 

Here’s what you do: 

easter egg1. Cut the toilet paper rolls into segments about an inch and a half wide. You might need to trim them a little afterward since they’re hard to cut straight. These are the stands for the Easter eggs.

2. Paint the stands. Mix white paint into other colors to get light pastel Easter-y colors. Let them dry completely. Instead of paint, you could also cut strips of colored paper and glue or tape it around the stands.

3. If you have an Easter candle, you can use it for the centerpiece. A large, plain white candle works, too. If you like, you can paint or draw a “chi-rho” on the candle. (See the photo.) The “X” shape is the Greek letter “chi” (pronounced “ki,” with a long I). The “P” shape is the Greek letter “rho” (pronounced “row”). These are the two first letters of the word Christ: “Ch” and “r,” so they are often drawn together to represent Jesus Christ. 

4. Set up your candle and egg stands in whatever way you like. Check with the cook how much room you can take for the centerpiece. If you’re using real eggs, you have an edible centerpiece!   Remember: NEVER leave burning candles unattended!




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