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Kim Grotbeck

I was an elementary school teacher for five years before I realized that God was
pulling me in another direction.  I have a passion for literacy and I wanted to have a
career that really impacted people in a positive way; teaching seemed like a natural fit. 
But teaching is hard!  I loved planning lessons and coming up with activities and
projects, but when it came time to make the kids sit still and listen, I struggled.

After a few years of feeling out of place, God led me to exactly where I needed to
be: the editorial staff at Pauline Books & Media.  Here I can still be involved in literacy
by helping to create new books every day, and I know that my work has a positive
impact on the people who read our books.  However, I am not letting all my
teaching experience go to waste!  I get to share my ideas for activities in the
“Buried Treasure” feature on the Pauline Kids blog.  I’m excited to help parents
and teachers find fun and meaningful ways to enrich their kids’ experience
with our books!