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Brittany Schlorff

Hello! I am the editorial assistant for Pauline Books and Media. Half of my job involves

helping editors publish books for adults, and the other half helps the folks here at Pauline

Kids. As an aspiring author of children’s and teen books, I try not to play favorites!

Growing up, I was the kid who brought a book everywhere – restaurants, my brother’s

soccer games, school lunch. But one thing always bothered me: very few of the books I

could find featured girls like me – kids who went to Mass and had faith in God. It was

always my dream to be involved somehow in publishing the books I would’ve wanted to

read. I got my start by studying children’s literature in college and then getting my Master

of Fine Arts in Writing for Children. All that studying led me here to Boston and Pauline

where I can share the Word through words!

For this blog, I’ll bring you interviews with authors and illustrators, sneak peeks at the

inside of an editorial process through the lens of a former outsider, and thoughts about

Catholic books as a part of children’s literature at large. Great books for Catholic kids do

exist, and I’d love to talk with you about them!