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Sr. Emily

Sr. Emily Marsh

As the oldest of twelve children, I certainly grew up with an appreciation for children’s

books! I have many fond memories of evenings spent reading aloud to my younger brothers

and sisters: everything from Bible stories to Dr. Suess, from lives of the saints to Little

House on the Prairie.

It was books—the lives of the saints in particular—that introduced me to the idea of

religious life. We had no Sisters at my parish, so the Sisters whom I “met” were the ones I

found in books: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Bernadette, St. Therese of Lisieux, and

many others. Reading about these young women who had given everything to God sparked

that same desire in my heart.

Now I am truly delighted to be working in our PaulineKids editorial department. Here I am

called to give my everything to God so that children today can discover Jesus present in

their lives. This is a great joy and privilege for me. I believe that through books, activities,

apps, and whatever other means technology brings our way, we can help children discover

and live a vibrant relationship with God.

May the love of God be poured into our hearts and transform us always more into children

of the Father!

-Sr Emily