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Sr. Christina

Sr. Christina Wegendt

I grew up reading the many books of the lives of the saints printed by our sisters.
As a teenager discerning a call to the religious life, I remember being rather in awe
when I discovered that one of the sisters who served in our
Cleveland Pauline Books & Media Center was the author of one of my favorite
of these books. Sr. Susan, who has since written many other children’s books, didn’t
quite believe me, but I felt quite honored to have met the author of a book that
had changed my life. Her recounting of the life of a saint who gave everything so
that others might know the Gospel had a profound influence on my relationship
with God and my sense of the call to serve him as a Daughter of St. Paul.
I knew firsthand that power a story could have in a child’s life.

It’s a great joy to me, then, to now be an editor for our children’s books. I thank
God for the opportunity to serve the Church in a field that is growing and
changing in ways that challenge our creativity and opens up new possibilities for
Gospel. My hope and my daily prayer is that we might each have the imagination
to see and embrace these possibilities so that children today will discover in
Jesus the hope, the savior, and the friend who is always with us.

With prayers for you and the children in your lives,

Sr. Christina Miriam