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During the Year of Faith, the Church is encouraging us to grow in our devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist. Many parishes have Eucharistic adoration chapels or expose the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance for adoration for part of the day or 24/7. 

I was just recently scheduling a meeting with someone and she stated that she wasn’t available Tuesday at 8 AM because that was her hour for Eucharistic adoration in her parish. I love my own time in front of the Eucharistic heart of Jesus—adoring, thanking, pleading and making reparation. The quiet, the focus and the relationship are a wonderful healing balm to the scatteredness that tears at my mind and heart after a day in front of the computer or working with others in meetings. Others, who regularly spend time before the Eucharist, experience the same sense of divine peace and centering.

The peace is so pleasant that adoration could become an escape. If it develops into my space to pull myself together and hide out from the world, I will have missed entirely the meaning of the Eucharist. 

Pope Francis knows well how much we need the healing presence of Jesus, to draw close to “Jesus’s constant presence in our midst and with us, a presence that is tangible, close, in our homes, as the “beating Heart” of the city, of the country. . . . The sacrament of Christ’s Charity must permeate the whole of daily life.” Pope Francis invites us to come to really know Jesus, to be in silence close to him, to listen to him, to look at him lovingly and to address words of confidence to the Lord.

Pope Francis also shows us that in the Eucharist, the Lord makes us travel his path of service, of gift, of sharing oneself, of offering to others the little we have. “Let us ask ourselves then this evening,” he said, “worshiping Christ really present in the Eucharist: do I let my self be transformed by him? Do I let the Lord who gives himself to me, guide me to come out more and more from behind my little fence, to go out and not be afraid to give, to share, to love him and others.”

Parents and teachers are taught by their children to constantly leave themselves for others. Children call us to a Eucharistic life. Jesus loved children and let them come around him with their needs and little conversations. The Eucharistic heart of Jesus will give us the strength to give ourselves in hospitality and in love all during the day . . . 24/7.

by Sr. Kathryn James Hermes, FSP

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