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Sr. Maria Kim's Intro Post
Posted on June 07, 2011 15:51 Article Rating
...But I will be forever grateful for the in-breaking light of God’s story of grace and his call for me to become part of it. As a Daughter of St. Paul, I hope to share Jesus with the children we serve at our JClub Catholic Book Fairs and with all of you who will read the Pauline Kids Storyline blog. May each of us come to know how attentively God listens to our prayers, and embrace his hopes for our fullness of life.
Kim's Intro Post
Posted on June 07, 2011 11:03 Article Rating

I was an elementary school teacher for five years before I realized that God was pulling me in another direction.  I have a passion for literacy and I wanted to have a career that really impacted people in a positive way; teaching seemed like a natural fit.  But teaching is hard!  I loved planning lessons and coming up with activities and projects, but when it came time to make the kids sit still and listen, I struggled....

Jaymie's Intro Post
Posted on June 07, 2011 09:24 Article Rating
God has a funny way of getting you just where he wants you. In many ways, that’s my life’s “storyline.” When I look back, I can’t help but wonder how a mid-western Episcopalian turned Protestant Evangelical, only child in a high-school-educated family with divorced parents could end up an east-coast Catholic, married with eight kids and a Master’s degree, who now edits children’s books with the Daughters of St. Paul. Suffice it to say, the path to the desk I’m sitting at was nothing even vaguely like a straight line!
Sr. Christina's Intro Post
Posted on June 04, 2011 09:25 Article Rating

I grew up reading the many books of the lives of the saints printed by our sisters. As a teenager discerning a call to the religious life, I remember being rather in awe when I discovered that one of the sisters who served in our Cleveland Pauline Books & Media Center was the author of one of my favorite of these books...

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