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Principles of Writing and Life
Principles of Writing and Life
Posted by paulinekids on July 23, 2013 13:33 Article Rating

I am a children’s author. With my debut novel due to be released next month, it is incredibly thrilling to write those words.

But before I am an author—or anything else—I am a wife and mother. I have three young children who are my greatest joys and greatest challenges, often at the same time! My approach to raising three human beings to be good, honest, faith-filled, loving, responsible people (and wow does that seem overwhelming at times) can be boiled down to four words:

·         Faith

·         Love

·         Fun

·         Learning

I do my best to approach each new mommy–day with those four principles in mind. Sometimes my best is pretty good, and other times it sends me to the freezer for ice cream or to my knees praying for patience and wisdom.

When I started to write novels for children—for those wonderfully awkward, hopelessly self-conscious and adorable middle–graders and middle–schoolers—I just wrote. I didn’t plan or think too hard about what I was doing. A character would come to me and I would take that character on a journey. Or rather that character would take me. And it wasn’t until I sat back and looked at what I had written, at both the journey and the destination of my characters, that I saw it.

My writing is guided by those same four principles. In any story I write, you will find faith, love, fun, and learning. It probably shouldn’t have surprised me to discover this, but it did.

If I tried to write about any one of these principles without the others, my story would be incomplete. For me, writing about faith without incorporating love and learning and fun—yes, fun, lots of it— wouldn’t work. Faith and love and learning bring joy, and joy means fun! And laughter. Lots of laughter.

The humor in my writing comes from honesty. A character’s honest reaction to an incident or mishap. Another character’s view of the world he inhabits and the things in it that seem askew. I have a great appreciation for the absurd and am fortunate that the world of middle school is positively rich with material.

Just as I couldn’t write a character who didn’t appreciate and experience humor, I also couldn’t write one who didn’t value and appreciate his faith. Faith, love, fun, and learning. For me— and for the characters in my stories— all are essential.

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