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Three Cheers for Pauline and Catholic Kids!
Three Cheers for Pauline and Catholic Kids!
Posted by Sr. Marlyn on May 29, 2013 11:26 Article Rating

Look for the party hats and the noise makers…get out the punchbowl, and toss the confetti! We, here at Pauline Books & Media, are in celebration mode!!

On Thursday, May 23, 2013 author Nicole Lataif and illustrator Mary Rojas received a Christopher Award for their work on Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body. The Christophers, first presented in 1949, are given to books, films, television programs, and now web initiatives that “affirm the highest values of the human spirit.” To see a full listing of the award winners please visit their website.

Both of our Children’s Editors accompanied author Nicole Lataif to the New York City event. Because all the recipients of the Christopher Awards have done something to spread God’s hope-filled light, the gathering was electrifyingly positive. As the evening’s emcee, WNYW-TV news anchor Ernie Anastos shared, “Every evening I tell the people, ‘Good evening’—and then I tell them why it’s not good.” He went on to note how much good news is often left untold, and encouraged us to persevere in telling stories that are capable of lifting our spirits and our world.

We, sisters, editors, authors, and illustrators at Pauline Kids and Pauline Teen couldn’t agree more. In everything we do we strive to tell the good news through stories that feed and strengthen the best in every child. It is an honor for our book, Forever You, to be included in this list of wonderful and inspiring media. It was also a joy to hear about what so many others are doing to bring light and hope into the darkness of our world.

So here we are celebrating… we celebrate in part because our work has received an award. But if we’re honest we celebrate mostly because God will continue touch children and form them in this faith with a book that is colorful, cool, and Catholic. We place our gifts in his hands and allow him to use us to proclaim him to all.

Celebrating with Nicole! From left: Christina Lataif, the author's sister; Mrs. Lataif, the author's mom; Nicole, the proud author; Mr. Lataif, her father; and Jaymie Stuart Wolfe, the book's editor. 

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