Meet the authors and illustrators of our Pauline Kids editions. Sometimes quirky and always fun, these are the people whose passion inspires us to see things from a fresh and creative point of view.

Meet Karol Kaminski!
Meet Karol Kaminski!
Posted by Brittany on March 27, 2012 08:53 Article Rating

Last month we met Genny Monchamp, author of God Made Wonderful Me! and Shine: Choices to Make God Smile, which recently won a Christopher Award! This month we’ll catch up with Karol Kaminski, the illustrator of these wonderful books.

The children in your artwork are so cute! When you read the text of a picture book, how do you decide how to illustrate the words?

I have 4 children of my own.  The youngest is just starting elementary school.  I try to volunteer at the school as much as possible, and I also coach young children.  I learn a lot by just observing children in action.  When I read a manuscript, I try my best to relate the words to how a real child would act in that situation.

You learn a lot by just observing.

What's your favorite medium to work with and why?

I love to work on gauche and color pencil.  I do work a bit on the computer, but I like the feel of doing things old school.

What are some pieces of art that inspire you the most?

If you're talking fine art, my favorite works are by M.C. Escher.  As far as illustrators go, I love the color and whimsy created by Mary Engelbreit, Sandra Boynton and the books of Don and Audrey Wood.

What's the most exciting part about illustrating children's books? The most challenging? How do you overcome those obstacles?

I love to draw and create, but I think the most exciting part about illustrating is knowing that you've entertained or inspired a child that has seen your work.  At times I receive letters from children that like my drawings.  I save them and put them up in my office.  Knowing I reach a child really inspires me.

The most challenging part of illustrating for children is finding a way to enhance the author's story through pictures.  My art is definitely meant to entertain, but most importantly, it's about telling the story.

In addition to teaching kids how to draw, you're a coach. What sport? And what's one lesson you can give to kids learning new skills?

I coach volleyball, soccer and basketball.  When I teach a new skill, what I want my children to remember, more than anything, is to be patient and keep trying.  It takes plenty of time and practice to master new skills.

What was your favorite picture book as a child and why?

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  That is a story that has always touched me, to this day.   The story is timeless and poignant and the drawings have a simple yet effective way of capturing the emotion.

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