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The Locket's Secret
The Locket's Secret
Posted by Sr. Emily on April 02, 2013 09:03 Article Rating
School and silk skirts, packing and princesses, loss and love, siblings and secrets … these are just a few of the contrasts in Pauline Teen’s latest release, The Locket’s Secret by K. Kelley Heyne. This young adult novel follows Carrie Adams in her real life as a thirteen-year-old who has just moved halfway across the country with her family. It also traces her imaginary life as a princess on a quest to protect her family, while she herself is pursued by a villain.

I won’t give the ending away! But in this novel you’ll find great writing accompanied by strong values. The Locket’s Secret is a wonderful platform for talking to young teens about how to deal with loss and pain, and what family and love mean to us. Perhaps you’ll find the following discussion questions helpful:

~What is Carrie running from? What is she running toward?

~What is Princess Caritas running from? What does she have to face in order to stop running?

~What is it that helps Carrie and Princess Caritas to face their pain? What helps you?

~How do Carrie and Princess Caritas experience love and support? How do you?

If you have teens in your life who enjoyed Ella Enchanted, Kira-Kira, or The Goose-Girl, they’ll love The Locket’s Secret—and, I might add, so will you!

Call Customer Service to order your copy today! 1-800-836-9723.

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