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Forever You!
Forever You!
Posted by Jaymie on November 07, 2012 08:09 Article Rating

Editors are always delighted to see a project they’ve worked on finally arrive in print. But I have to say I’m just a shade more thrilled than usual about our newest release, Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body. Written by first-time author Nicole Lataif and illustrated by Mary Rojas, Forever You is a picture book about the soul. Yep, you heard me right, a picture book about the soul.

How do you do that? Very carefully, and with a clear acknowledgement of the fact that a great deal of what we believe as Catholic Christians depends on how we view the human person. Foundational concepts of our faith—like holiness, grace, virtue, sin, and salvation—hold together only when we understand that each of us is both body and soul.

As human beings, we are “embodied spirits.” In other words, our bodies have souls and our souls have bodies. The body is part of the material world we can see, but there is more to us than the physical. The soul is a spiritual reality, but it is expressed in and through our bodies. The communion of body and soul is what being human is all about.

So, how do you communicate the basics of all that to a child?  Open up the pages and see!

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