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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Posted by Kim on January 24, 2012 11:56 Article Rating

It is hard to believe that one of the problems Elizabeth Ann Seton faced over two hundred years ago is still a big problem nowadays.  No, I’m not talking about tuberculosis.  I’m talking about religious freedom.  Our country, which was founded during Saint Elizabeth’s lifetime, has always proclaimed itself a place where a person can worship whenever and however they like without fear of persecution.  Saint Elizabeth was ostracized from her job and friends because she chose to become a Catholic.  She had to move to a different state for fear of her life!  Just because being a Catholic won’t get you kicked out of New York City nowadays doesn’t mean that we should stop caring about religious intolerance.  Jesus taught us to love our neighbors.  He showed us by example that it is okay to show kindness even to society’s outcasts.  Just because we believe differently, and worship differently, doesn’t mean that we should show less love to someone.  Remember the hardships that Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton faced the next time you start to judge someone because of their religion, and show kindness instead of hate.


Discussion/Written Response Questions

  1. How does the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated,” apply directly to Elizabeth’s life?  Give specific examples.

  2. As a wife, mother, and Sister of Charity, Elizabeth took care of many people.  Who do you help care for?  How do you show love for others?  Can you think of ways you and your classmates can help people in your community who need help?


History Connection

Review the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution.  What exactly does freedom of religion mean in our country?  Even though this amendment was written during Elizabeth’s life, was she really “free” to practice Catholicism in New York City?  How can we prevent religious persecution from happening today?


In the time leading up to the Revolutionary War, many colonists were forced to choose a side.  Tories, or loyalists, like Elizabeth’s father, supported the King of England; and Patriots wanted to break free from British rule and establish their own nation.  Page fourteen of this ESS book states, “It was a confusing time.”  Pretend that you are a Tory and write a paragraph giving three reasons why you choose to stay loyal to the King.  Then pretend you are a Patriot and write another paragraph giving three reasons to fight the British.


Science Connection

Research tuberculosis.  What are the symptoms and causes?  Elizabeth’s husband refers to the disease as “the Seton cough”.  Why did the Setons think that tuberculosis runs in the family?  What could Elizabeth have done to prevent tuberculosis from affecting so many of her loved ones.


Geography Connection

New York City, NY

Pisa, Italy

Baltimore, MD

Philadelphia, PA

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