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Journeys with Mary
Journeys with Mary
Posted by Kim on December 08, 2011 09:28 Article Rating

Isn’t it funny that Mary seems to appear to children way more often than to adults?  Is it their innocence? Their unwavering faith?  Or maybe their lack of credibility?  After all, it takes a lot of faith for an adult to believe a child. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me” (Lk 18:16) but he sends Mary straight to them!  We need to remember God’s special love for the children in our lives.  They may not know calculus yet, but they have joy for life and compassionate hearts that we could probably learn a thing or two from. 


While reading our Encounter book Journeys with Mary, I couldn’t help but think of the tremendous responsibility that falls on anyone blessed enough to see Our Lady.  They are given visions and messages that either must be passed on or kept secret, they are often ridiculed by their peers for lying, and they become the focus of a frenzy of people who do believe them.  That’s a lot for anyone to handle.  When you look at it that Discussion/Written Response Questionsway, is it even a blessing anymore?  Yes.  Of course, yes.  Think instead of the peace and joy, the miraculous healings, and the centuries of devotion that the apparitions bring.  Below (and in the attached PDF for easy printing), you will find discussion questions, activity ideas, and even a language arts worksheet to help you share the wonder of Marian apparitions with your children and pass on the peace, joy, healing, and devotion to the next generation. 

  1. What were some of Mary’s messages or requests?

  2. Sometimes Mary appeared just once, and sometimes she appeared many times in succession.  Why do you think she did this?

  3. Some people had a hard time believing the visionaries’ claims at first.  How are these people eventually convinced that Mary has indeed appeared? 

Geography Connection

Mark on a map where all of the apparitions occurred.  What do you notice about where most of the visions took place?  Why do you think this is?

Language Arts Connection

See Compare/Contrast worksheet below

Art Connection

Re-read the various descriptions of Mary and draw her.  To make her appear to shine, portions of the paper could be cut out and replaced with white or yellow tissue paper and then hung up on a window.  For best results cut out your drawing and glue it to black construction paper (otherwise the light will shine through the whole drawing, not just the holes you cut.)



Compare and Contrast: Journeys with Mary

Several people have been visited by the Blessed Virgin.  What do the visions have in common?  What makes each vision unique?  Compare and contrast the following pairs of visionaries.


Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco and Melanie Matieu and Maximin Giraud




Catherine Labouré and Bernadette Soubirous




Simon Stock and Juan Diego




The townspeople of Knock and the children of Beauraing




Mariette Beco and Bernadette Soubirous





Your choice:  __________________________ and __________________________




To print this book guide click here 

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