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Blessed John Paul II
Blessed John Paul II
Posted by Kim on October 25, 2011 12:04 Article Rating

Excitement buzzed around the building when we received the official word of John Paul II’s beatification.  He was Pope for the majority of many of our lives.  When we hear the word pope, his smiling, kind face jumps into our minds before any other.  We consider ourselves lucky to have lived during such a wonderful papacy.  Our children however, may not remember him.  When they hear the word pope, it is most likely Benedict that they picture.  Even though their experiences are different from ours, we can still share our favorite John Paul II memories and, most importantly, teach them what he taught us: to respect human life, to cherish freedom, and to spread God’s love to all those we encounter.  What memories will you share to celebrate Blessed John Paul II’s beatification?

Reflection Questions

  1. Lolek’s brother recognizes Lolek’s talent for acting and gives him the opportunity to perform for patients at the hospital.  What kind of talents do the people closest to you have?  How can you help them practice their skills?  Has someone ever helped you develop your God-given talents?
  2. “Uncle” Karol loved hiking, kayaking, and skiing. He even celebrated Mass outdoors when he was leading wilderness excursions. What do you like to do outside?  Is there a place outdoors where you feel especially close to God?
  3. Karol loved learning new languages.  Do you know any words in foreign languages?  What language would you most like to learn and why?
  4. What did Karol do to earn the love and respect of the people in Krakow and all of Poland?
  5. After reading about Karol’s life, why do you think the subtitle of the book is “Be Not Afraid”?  What did Karol have to be afraid of?  How did he show bravery?

Geography Connection

            Thanks to modern travel, Pope John Paul II visited more countries than any other pope.  Get out a world map and locate every country that he visited.

Click here for the full book guide and a list of all the countries he visited!

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