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Saint Ignatius of Loyola: For the Greater Glory of God ESS Book Guide
Saint Ignatius of Loyola: For the Greater Glory of God  ESS Book Guide
Posted by Kim on July 17, 2013 08:48 Article Rating

I chuckled a little bit while reading our Encounter book on Saint Ignatius of Loyola.  Not because the content of the story was particularly funny (on the contrary, a career ending, slow-healing leg injury is not funny at all) but because I could vividly imagine Inigo’s frustration with the selection of books his sister-in-law had brought him.

I love to read, and will read most anything that someone recommends to me, but that doesn’t mean I will enjoy it.  I’ve trudged through some recommended non-fiction, only to reinforce that I am indeed a fiction girl at heart.  And like Saint Ignatius, I have been given a book that I was pretty sure I would not like (thanks for getting me hooked on Twilight, Mom!) and have spent the past couple of years borderline obsessed with the story.  My point is that you never know how you’ll feel about something until you try it.

The Life of Christ and The Lives of Saints changed Saint Ignatius’s life forever.  What if he had torn the books up or forced his sister-in-law to take them away?  He would have lived a very different life.  Try new foods, read a genre that you normally wouldn’t read, explore a new park.  You never know which new thing could change your life for the better.  And encourage your kids to do the same.

Discussion/Written Response Questions

  1. Saint Ignatius dreamed of being a knight, but his leg injury and rough recovery forced him to change his plans.  Think about a time when you had to change your plans.  How did you feel at the time?  How did you feel about it afterward?
  2. How did Ignatius feel about education?  Find specific examples in the book to support your position.

Language Arts Connection

Ignatius was upset when Magdalena brought him books that were not the adventure novels that he had requested, but the books she brought ended up inspiring him to serve God, changing the course of his life forever.  It is sometimes good to try new things.

Take a look at this list of genres:



Historical Fiction


Realistic Fiction

Science Fiction








Choose a genre that you do not usually read.  Ask a friend, teacher, or a librarian for recommendations in that genre.  Read a book in the new genre and write a paragraph about why you did or did not enjoy it.

Geography Connection





History Connection

Research the Spanish Inquisition.

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