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'Look It Up!' book cover                       

Look It Up! by Janet L. Alampi

We all know that Jesus is called the “Word made flesh” and that the Bible is referred to as “God’s Word.” Words must be pretty important if “Word” is another name for both Jesus and Scripture! According to the Bible, God created everything just by saying the words “Let there be.” And Jesus sometimes worked miracles — calmed storms, healed people, raised the dead — merely by speaking.

Think a moment: How are words important in your life?

How could we understand different ideas and communicate with each other if we didn’t have words? Whether they’re spoken or written, words help us to grasp meanings and build relationships.

Look It Up! is a dictionary for Catholic kids (and their parents and teachers). It will help them to learn more about words that Catholics use. Some of these words are unique to our religion. Others, in addition to religious meanings, have nonreligious meanings and can be found in ordinary dictionaries. Look It Up! gives the religious meaning of words.

Look It Up! can be used in the home or classroom. As parents, you can use this book with your children to reinforce their religion classes and/or sacramental preparation. You will find this book a helpful aid when your children have questions or have to do reports on religious subjects. If you homeschool, Look It Up! will be an invaluable resource in teaching the faith to your children.

Learning the Catholic definitions in Look It Up! with its pronunciations, illustrations, “Did You Know?” facts, and the “FYI — For Your Information” section at the end will help kids to understand homilies at Mass, classes on the faith, and books that are related to religion. Even more, they’ll deepen their appreciation of their Catholic faith and grow closer to Jesus, the Word.

Mastering Catholic terms takes some effort. But, then again, so does putting together a puzzle or winning a tough video game. Are your kids up to the challenge? If so, let them Look It Up!