Frequently Asked Questions
Are sample books provided for the Book Fair?
Yes, Pauline Books & Media will ship one or two sets of samples depending on the number of students in the school.

How many books or titles are offered as part of the Book Fair?
The JClub Catholic Book Fair has an average of 100 different titles.

Is the Student Book Fair Order Form sufficient enough that samples may not be necessary?
The Student Order Form is a simple list of titles, brief descriptions and prices. For this reason we suggest having the sample books at the fair.

Do the JClub Book Fair titles range for all reading levels from Pre-K–8?
Yes, the Book Fair offers titles from Pre-K–8. However, the majority of the titles are between the Pre-K–6 levels. We also provide a small selection of resources for parents and teachers.

What is the percentage of return to the school?
There are two different types of JClub Catholic Book Fairs each with their own incentive: AYS (At Your Service) Book Fairs receive a 10% rebate of the retail sales; DIY (Do It Yourself) Book Fairs receive a 30% discount off the billing of their order. There is no charge for shipping sample books.

Is there tax on the sales?
There is no sales tax on the JClub Catholic Book Fair.

How many times a year can we have a book fair?
You can have JClub Catholic Book Fair at least two times a year! JClub title selections change twice a year. The Fall selection will offer Advent and Christmas titles and the Spring selection will feature Lent, Easter and First Communion items.

How can I sign up to schedule a book fair?
A response form is provided in the Introductory Kit.

Can parents and teachers order online?
Not at this time. However, it is out goal to make JClub available in this medium.

Will enough order forms be sent for each student?
Yes, Pauline Books & Media will provide enough forms for the students. For the DIY Book Fair, the order forms will be shipped with the sample titles. When the school is hosting the AYS Book Fair the Pauline Representatives will bring the order forms. If you need additional order forms, please be sure to mention this to your JClub representative.

Can students buy directly from the display?
No, students cannot buy directly from the display. However, the sample books can be used to begin to fill the student orders.

How many days can we have the books on display?
One week to 10 days.

Do you offer any promotional aids to alert students, parents, and faculty?
Pauline Books & Media will provide you with promotional posters announcing the Book Fair and introductory letters for the parents/guardians and faculty members. We can also send the Student Order Forms along with the promotional materials upon request.

How long will it take for the books to arrive after the school’s order is placed?
Once the order has been placed with Pauline Books & Media you should receive the product within two (2) weeks.

What do we do with the monies collected from the Book Fair? Do we send it to you?
Depending on the type of Book Fair you are having, AYS or DIY will determine how you handle the payments received.
*For all DIY Book Fairs the school keeps all the monies and deposits this into their own banking account. The orders will be billed to the school.
*When a school is doing an AYS Book Fair, the individual orders and payments are given to the Pauline Representatives.

Do you offer a monthly book order like some other organizations do?
Not at this time.

How can I get a copy of the JClub magazine?
A sample copy of the JClub magazine is included in the free introductory kit. Every student will receive
a copy of the magazine to take home with them. The copies will be sent to the school either with the sample book mailing or with the final order mailing.

How many people are necessary to staff the Book Fair?
Depending on the size of the classes, it would be best to have 2 or 3 persons available to assist the students.

Who does the set-up and take-down of the Book Fair?
*If the school is having a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Book Fair they are responsible for all the setting up and putting away of the JClub Book Fair.
*If the school is carrying out an AYS (At-Your-Service) Book Fair, the Pauline Representatives will set up and take down the display of books. Prior to the Book Fair, arrangements will be made for the location and use of tables.

How many sample copies of each title will be available for display?
Pauline Books & Media will ship at the most 2 copies of each title in the Book Fair. However, if the enrollment is under 200 we may send only one copy of each title.

How will the books be sent to the school?
Usually all shipments are sent UPS.

Do we have to inventory the titles before and after the book fair?
It is advisable to take a quick inventory of the product before you begin the Book Fair. We do our utmost to ensure that everything is correct but it is always good to double check.
At the conclusion of the JClub Catholic Book Fair you will need to record what you are keeping (to fill orders) and what you are sending back. The school will be billed for any books that are not returned.

Who pays the postage to have the sample books shipped to the school?
Pauline Books & Media will cover the expense of all shipments to the school. This includes the sample books and the final order.

Will Pauline Books & Media pay the postage to have the sample books shipped back to the warehouse?

Do you provide the racks to display the books?
Display racks are not provided. However, reading level signage is included to help designate the various books.